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About I-Scream

I scream You scream We all scream for ICE CREAM! It’s a late 1920s classic, but most people just remember those few lyrics. While few people could tell you the tune of the song, nearly everyone could tell you that iconic quote, it evokes memories of ice cream shops and jazz tunes. I SCREAM is a play on words and a sweet reminder of a simpler time. The name reminiscent of delicious Americana, chock full of jazz music and cheesy lyrics that are remembered for decades to come.

This vape was made for ice cream lovers everywhere, two delicious flavors encompass this line for a throwback to a simpler era. So put your hands together and vape for I SCREAM!


Two delicious flavors make up this line, coming packaged in cute cone shaped boxes the flavors are just as delicious as they look!

Strawb O’licious

A rich strawberry ice cream and cookie topping! You can practically hear the ice cream truck music playing as you taste this, creamy strawberry popcicles with crumbly cookie topping, tastes like a vacation!

This flavor is a rich and creamy strawberry ice cream liquid with cookie topping, it is reminiscent of ice cream trucks and pink ice pops and yummy cookies. You can hear the ice cream man’s song in your head with every vape!


Sundae – A luscious sundae flavor, creamy vanilla ice cream with all the fixings! You can taste the hot fudge dripping over the sides, the decadent caramel, and nuts on top! A delicious reminder of the old town ice cream shoppe!

This classic flavor, decadent vanilla ice cream, slathered in toppings! When you vape this liquid it feels like you are sitting in an old style ice cream shop, getting served the perfect sundae! From the caramel to the nuts, the complexity is really surprising and incites nostalgia.